yukinda’s diary – What’s the punch line?

At work there are two people in front of me.
She is a second-year accountant and he is her master,
but they are like brother and sister.

Recently, he told her “where’s the punch line?”
Punch line?? I could not help listening to them.
He said “your story doesn’t have a punch line, so it doesn’t stop.”
His friendly message enabled her to easily understand.

They have a pretty good relationship, don’t they?
How lucky she is!


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English Speech

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E-mail sent by:  Nara

Subject: English Speech

Hello. I world like to tell you about my school trip to Tokyo. It was held last summer. All freshman participated in it. We went to Asakusa. I ate monjyayaki with my friends. It looks like a okonomiyaki. It was very delicious. And we went to ryougokukokugikan. In ryougokukokugikan, we saw smou. It was very exciting. It is memorable to me becous it was very fun. Thank you for listening.


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English Speech


Asking about Reservations

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E-mail sent by: Ina

Subject: Asking about reservations


Hello, This is *****. I have a resavation for hooneymoon from 10th Feb. to 14th Feb.

I’m writing to you because I have a question about resavation of tour to chichen itza.
Looking through your official HP, says that it is included tour, but I just want to ask you if it is included in your “all inclusive service”. If it is separated, I’m planning to ask other travel desk (providing tour in our mother language). 
So please replay to me as soon as you can.

Thank you


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Asking about reservations


E-mail sent by:  Mr.Tanaka

Subject: English Writing Practice for University Entrance Exam


These days the sales of printed daily newspapers are declining in many countries.

Do you think newspaper will disapper within the next 10 years?
Write a paragraph explaining your opinion.You must give at least one appropriate reason to support it.

I think newspapers won’t disapper within the next 10 years.
this is because newspapers are very convenhent for those who get on the train,who don’t like TV,and who don’t have PC.
TV is very one-way,and PC is difficult for elderly to use.
Also, newspapers are so many, so we can compare the contents.
This is why newspapers won’t disapper within the next 10 years, I think.


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English Writing Practice for University Entrance Exam


English Diary

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E-mail sent by: Takeda 

Subject: English Diary

I haven’t got e-mail from anybody for a long time since I received seven letters yesterday.
Things don’t go as well as I think…

I expected that I will receive a lot of mail,
but it regrets that got disappointing result.

What a pity!


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