An essay about Hedegger

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In this essay, I want to show some of the deep ecological insights found in Heidegger philosophical discourse. The paper is based on his approach towards things that leads to the human self-realization. This realization coerces the shift from anthropocentrism and dualism to biocentrism and non-dualism. It strongly against the calculative mode of thinking that things are merely objects of human consciousness. The study is an attempt to subscribe an answer towards the ecological problems. Firstly, the paper discusses deep ecology and Heidegger’s approaches toward environmental crisis. Secondly, I will show the distinctive ecological materials inherent in Heidegger’s work that has influenced the deep ecologists and critically examine them in terms of a radical shift of understanding. Third, I defend Heidegger against the charged of his critics, denying the existence of deep ecological insights simply on the ground of his political affiliation with Nazism.


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