One more week to go

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E-mail sent by: Asuka

Subject: One more week to go

I am going to attend a wedding party of my brother next week. My daughter and I intend to play the piano duet at the reception. My daughter have been going to piano lessons. As for me, I stoped taking piano lessons when I was a high-school student. I don’t have much time left to practice playing the piano. But I do my best I can.  


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E-mail sent by: Asuka

Subject: earrings

I had my ears pierced in a clinic yesterday. This was the second time that I visited the clinic and I had already one pierced earring on each of my ears. We can easily get piercers at general stores these days. Many people pierced on their ears by themselves. But I believe that piercing in a clinic is better and safer than that by ourselves.


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E-mail sent by:  Tokunaga

Subject:  my summer vacation

his year as soon as summer vacation has started i have been to an international school in the uk for three weeks since july 15.

this trip was a very big decision for me. because traveling by plane alon is a big adventure for me . i was very worried about the country where i cannot make myself understood in japanese.
at the same time as i have learned english for four years. i really wanted to talk with people from all over the world.
the next day i arrived in england i went to school. at first i was afraid that i cannot make friends . as soon as i arrived at school some people spoke to me.

“i know japanese manga onepiace!” “i know naruto too!”

like this .once we started talking iwas able to make friends.

of all especially i became friends with a japanese girl who lives in chiba,an italian boy,and a czech boy.
the italian boy likes naruto(japanese charector),so he always practiced speaking naruto,s line in japanese.
the czech boy was so glutton that he often took us to the hamburger shop.
they are very talktive and loud. staying with them was very fun.
we did various things after school every day. forexample we went to downtown to eat hamburger, went to park, did our homework together.


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Baby Clothes

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E-mail sent by: Asuka

Subject: Baby clothes

I visited to my parent’s house last weekend to take out baby’s clothes that my kids had wore. My kids grow up and they don’t need to wear them any more. So I dicided to give them to my co-worker. All clothes were so unforgettable that I could not choose which clothes I gave to my co-worker. 


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yukinda’s diary – Shiawase no pan once more

About a week after coming back to Nagoya from Hokkaido,
I’ve gotten tired because of the muggy heat of Nagoya.
And then I’ve been irritated by small things…

My husband borrowed the DVD “Shiawase no pan(しあわせのパン)”.
His kindness and this movie warmed my heart :-)
I had forgotten how happy I was…

                                         Cafe mani

the cafe “mani” by the Lake Toya


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