Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you accept a document that has been translated by Google translation?

    We are unable to accept these documents. Google translation is often extremely unclear, and our editors would have to ask for an unreasonable amount of clarification.

  • Can you translate my resume into English?

    We currently do not provide translation services. However, our editors are happy to improve the structure and effectiveness of English resumes.

  • CECS Service and Procedures

  • How do I use the CECS service?

    Submit your manuscript on the “Submit manuscripts” page. After our editors finish proofreading, we will immediately send your proofread document back to you. Payment information will be sent during the process.

  • Proofreading Charges

  • How much are your proofreading charges?

    For our regular service, we charge US $0.035 per word.

    For our regular service, we charge US $0.0525 per word.

    (Minimum charge is US $10)

  • Do I have to pay any tax?

    All CECS rates include tax.

  • Can I use public expense funds?

    Yes, and we can provide all necessary documents (e.g., quotation, statement of delivery, invoice, and/or receipt).

  • About Proofreading

  • How long does it take until I get my proofread document?

    Editing turnaround time depends on the length of your document and the desired proofreading speed. Please see the table on the “Price” page for further details.

  • Do you have any services faster than “Express?”

    To ensure proofreading quality, we do not provide a faster service than “Express.”

  • What kind of document types you can accept?

    We use the “Track Changes” function in Microsoft Word. We therefore accept all documents that can be opened in Word (.txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf).

  • Do you have any proofreading samples?

    We do not provide general proofreading samples. However, we are happy proofread a personalized free sample using part of your document through our Free Trial feature.

  • Can I ask some questions on my proofread document?

    The editor in charge of your document will answer your questions and continue to make revisions, without any additional charge, until you are satisfied.

  • Can I request a proofreading style?

    We accept all special editing requests when you submit your document. For example, you might ask for an essay to be converted into spoken English. We usually do not revise drastically to avoid changing the document’s intended meaning, but we are happy to alter the writing style and word usage to any requested extent.

  • Can you issue a certification of proofreading?

    We can issue this certification free of charge. Please include this request in the message form when you submit your document or contact CECS at any time.

  • Free trial

  • How many words can you proofread for the free trial?

    The free trial covers approximately 400 words.